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FM Whatsapp is a 100% safe, accessible, and modified version of Whatsapp with many advanced features. Our Software team has scanned this app through virus & malware detectors. We are pretty sure that it is 100% safe to use. You can Download the FM version to advance your socializing to the next level.


FM Whatsapp

FM Whatsapp is the best & rejigged app for an advanced communication and social sharing experience. It brings high-quality media sharing with a sharing limit of up to 1GB. The app also includes Advanced privacy features and an anonymous socializing experience. It comes with an anti-ban, DND, and App lock to ensure your privacy and security. Moreover, theme and interface customization options allow you to try full personalization.


Advance Privacy Options
Advance Privacy Options
Media Sharing Upto 1GB
Media Sharing Upto 1GB
Theme Customization
Theme Customization
App Lock
App Lock

Advance Privacy Options

FM Whatsapp offers very advanced and reliable privacy features to improve your socializing. Freeze your last seen and hide your typing status while chatting. Hide your blue tick for message delivery and watch others’ status stories anonymously.

Advance Privacy Options

Media Sharing Upto 1GB

Enhance your media sharing limit from 15MB to 1GB with FM Whatsapp. Send full movies, HD videos, and large-size files, and enjoy next-level media sharing.

Media Sharing Upto 1GB

Theme Customization

Get rid of the odd traditional theme of Whatsapp and try exciting themes with this FM version. It offers a built-in theme center for complete interface and theme customization. You can try different built-in themes as well as can curate your own themes.


Theme Customization


1 Is FM Whatsapp Safe?
FM Whatsapp comes with high-quality security assets and advanced privacy features. It also has an Anti-ban feature for complete account security. Moreover, the app is scanned through powerful hazard detectors and is 100% safe to use.
2 Can I use Dual account simultaneously on FM Whatsapp?
Yes, the FM version can potentially run two accounts side by side. You can switch to either one without login/logout formalities.
3 Can I Download Status with FM Whatsapp?
Yes, FM WhatsApp gives you the luxury to download any whatsapp status story of your contacts.
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Whatsapp is the most used digital platform used by billions of people for global communication. This platform offers free audio & video calls, conversations, and media sharing. User head to whatsapp via mobile, PC, and all sorts of devices. The major reason behind a global community of billions of customers is end-to-end encryption. All the calls, conversations, and media sharing are end-to-end encrypted between the users. There are many mobile apps as well as a web version to access this platform. Those mobile apps offer different user experiences and come with a different set of features. 

FM Whatsapp sits atop and is the most advanced app of all. It offers very unique characteristics for totally new and highly advanced socializing features. From advanced privacy to enhanced sharing, all of its services are standout. Moreover, Anti-ban, privacy features, App lock, and DND mode keep users’ privacy and security in safe hands. 

Features of FM Whatsapp


The most outrageous and over-the-top feature of this app is customization. The official version of the app does not allow too many changes in the interface or app settings. But the FM version allows all sorts of customizations. One can try different in-app interface layouts, different icons, various interface styles, and much more. Moreover, you can try different customizations for the conversations interface and settings. 

Privacy Options

End-to-end encryption is the only privacy that you have in the official app of Whatsapp or its Web version. But now with this MOD, get enhanced privacy settings. Privacy options of this FM version include hiding your online status, blue ticks, typing indicators, and more.

Message Scheduling

This feature brings in the ability to schedule messages to be sent at a later time. You can schedule different text pieces, images, videos, or documents. This makes the right sharing at the right time with minimum effort. 

App Lock

Despite offering high-class security & privacy features, it also brings a built-in app lock. This additional security feature allows you to set an app lock using PIN, pattern, or fingerprint.

Media Sharing

The official app as well as the web version limits users to share files only up to 17MB. But now you can have a greater and enhanced sharing experience with FM Whatsapp. This app will allow you to share files, videos, and documents up to 1 GB. Larger file size limits for sharing images, videos, and other media.

Anti-Delete Messages

The official whatsapp version has an option “Delete for Everyone” in chats. With this option, users can delete sent items and messages from conversations. But no one can delete any message or items when you have this FM Whatsapp. It comes with an anti-delete feature which means you will never miss an item or text piece in your conversations. 

Message Recall

Where it offers you an anti-delete feature, it also can recall or revoke sent messages.

Dual WhatsApp

Usually, users go for dual space or app cloner to use dual whatsapp accounts. But the FM app comes with the ability to run dual accounts simultaneously.

Custom Fonts

There is only a single font style in the official app but here you can try many options for your text fonts. This app offers a big set of font styles. You can try different stylish fonts in a wide range of colors as well. Moreover, you can try dozens of variations and customizations with fonts for a personalized experience. 

Hide Status View

Hide the view status of others without them knowing. You will never appear in the view list of others. This brings complete anonymity to your status-watching joy. Still, you have the option to appear in the view list of clothes. There is a double-tick option at the bottom of every status story. You can tap this option to show your presence in the view list. 

Custom Themes

Apply custom themes created by third-party developers. You can also customize different built-in and third-party themes. Moreover, you can also build a unique one with your creativity skills.

Extended Video Status Length

Status stories on official whatsapp only last for 30 seconds. You can not post a video longer than 30 seconds on official Whatsapp. But with FM Whatsapp, you can now post long videos as your status story.


Almost all the mods of Whatsapp claim to have an anti-ban feature but FM Whatsapp is the only MOD that has an Anti-Ban feature. This feature keeps users' accounts from all sorts of temporary and permanent bans.

Increased Status Characters

Text statuses are very trending on social media, especially on Whatsapp. But users are only allowed to write a few characters as status stories. But the FM version comes with an enhanced character limit. It means now you can set long textual status stories without limits. 

Anti-Delete Status and Stories

Prevent contacts from deleting their status or stories. Even if any of your contacts deletes his/her status it will still appear to you.  

Enhanced Group Features

256 is the member limit of a WhatsApp group on Official Whatsapp. But now you can expand this limit to thousands. Moreover, FM MOD also brings many additional controls and settings for WhatsApp groups.

Auto Reply

Set automated replies for incoming messages. This allows you to send messages even if you are offline. You can set different text pieces as your auto-reply message. 

DND Mode

DND mode is only for a single App, isn’t it awesome? If you wanna try DND mode for your Whatsapp and keep using another app then try FM Whatsapp. Its DND mode will cut off the internet from this app and you can use the internet on other apps. It is awesome whenever you wanna take a break from Whatsapp to work on other apps. 

Custom Emojis

Add and use custom emojis that are not available in the official WhatsApp. A huge set of custom emojis will make your socializing more expressive and effective. 

Hide Chats

Keep certain chats hidden behind a password or PIN. This feature is awesome to protect different private and sensitive chats. You can set different lock passwords for different chats. 

Advanced Sharing

Share files of various formats not supported by the official WhatsApp. This will expand your social sharing and help you to share a variety of things.

In-App Browsing

No need to go to your browser as you can search for anything with the built-in browser of this app. It allows you to browse and find different things without leaving your FM Whatsapp App.

Custom Wallpaper per Chat

Try unique wallpaper for each of your Whatsapp chats. FM version allows you to try different wallpapers for your app interface and conversations. You can go for custom wallpaper per chat. There is a huge wallpaper library as well as you can try images from your gallery. 



FM Whatsapp APK best among all WA MODs with many advanced features and enhanced socializing. It comes with a status download and dozens of privacy options. You can enjoy a completely anonymous experience with many anonymity topics in this app. Moreover, there are dozens of customizations for a completely personalized & anonymous Whatsapp experience. So switch to the FM version now, run dual accounts simultaneously, and enjoy enhanced content sharing on Whatsapp.